What's the CCGS program?

Create content get sales (CCGS)

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The CCGS program is built to get you more salesgrow your client portfolio and create/grow your personal brand.

What's the value you get from the program?

The real value from the CCGS program is the exposure you get (that gets you more sales and increases your client portfolio) and the help we give you on building your personal brand by syndicating your content and personal brand through all Vettted's marketing channels (email list, all social channels, blog and more).

How does the program work?

1. You post a piece of content* (video/audio/written) on any of your social media channels (e.g. YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) about the services you provide on Vettted, or simply talking about the digital marketing niche and what you do as your profession (e.g. tips, tricks, case studies, fun facts, work set up, vlog, etc.).

2. You make sure to include a link to your service/profile or to Vettted's homepage on the post.

3. We blow it up and share it with our audience (all social channels + email list + blog + official Facebook group)

* The content does not necessarily have to be about Vettted. You can post content about whatever it is you want and tag/link Vettted, as long as the content is in the digital marketing niche (e.g. a post on digital marketing tips, a post on how to deal with clients, a post on pricing your services, a post on how to optimize your social media presence, a post on - anything to do with digital marketing is valid).

What type of content should you produce?

There are two types of content we recommend you produce:

  1. Dynamic content (video/audio)

- Teaching videos explaining to viewers how to do what you're selling, with a CTA for your service at the end. (e.g. if you sell an email marketing campaign creation service, talk about how to create an email marketing campaign and all the steps it takes, then tell viewers you can do all the work for them and they don't need to worry about anything). Here's an example: https://youtu.be/Ay40lrSWBuc (You talk/teach how to do market research, and then link to YOUR service so people can outsource their market research to you)

- Sales videos showing how valuable your service is and why people should invest in it (e.g. if you sell email marketing campaign creation services, talk about previous case studies and results you've attained for your clients, then tell the viewers they can also achieve such results if they invest in your service). 

2. Static content (images/written)

- Image posts on social media. These could be posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Here's an example.

- Written content. These can be written posts on on any social media platform that allows writing long-form content (e.g. Facebook and Linkedin)

How do I let Vettted know I posted a piece of content?

You need to tag @vettted or link to www.vettted.com (homepage, your service page, your profile or any other page from the site)

Does the CCGS program guarantee sales?

The answer is....almost.

Because your content is shared on all Vettted's social media (currently with a k audience), if your service is something people are looking for and your video is engaging and valuable, we can almost guarantee you'll get at least one sale.

Are the only benefits of the CCGS program the sharing of content on Vettted's social channels and email list?

Absolutely not!

Even though those are almost certain to get you more sales, there's a lot more.

Here are all the benefits from the program:

  1. You get exposure (your content is shared on all Vettted's social channels + our email list with over k subscribers + our blog + the official Facebook group)
  2. We help YOU build your personal brand. If you're consistent and keep posting content, and thus we keep on sharing it, eventually you'll grow an audience and YOUR personal brand will grow with the newfound views and followers you'll gain. 
  3. You earn rewards for every video you post. See how the rewards system works here.

Can I post non-video content?

Yes! You can post non-video content, from blog posts to a simple Tweet or Instagram post. The main focus of this program is video because the conversion rates are higher, but you can post non-video content.

Is there anything else I should know about the CCGS program?

Yes. It's important that the social media channel(s) where you're sharing your content is properly branded.  You need to make sure you at least have a picture of yourself and a short bio, if that's the case. Make sure to fill in all the fields and make it look good! If the social media channel(s) you chose are not properly branded you won't be eligible for the CCGS program. Also, the content must be permanent (e.g. no deleting posts and no story posts which are automatically deleted after 24 hours). 

How does this program benefit YOU?

The goal of the program is to grow YOUR personal brand and get you more sales + grow your client portfolio.

The bigger your personal brand is, the higher authority you have in a certain field, the more sales you'll get.

How does this benefit the platform?

By incentivizing you to produce content and grow your personal brand, in theory, more people will learn about Vettted and you will help the platform grow.

We help you grow and you help the platform grow 🤝

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